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You took a big leap at the moment itself as you thought to owe a restaurant of yours more than your peer entrepreneurs. Coming to this F & B industry is easy but sustaining the dynamic trends checks your strengths.

Around 60 percent of new restaurants fail within the first year. And nearly 80 percent shutter before their fifth anniversary. These aren't the facts that should deter your dream of running a restaurant but you can brood over this issue before executing your plans. In a study we found, 63% of restaurant visitors get attracted to interiors, the aesthetic lights, the artistic walls and the services as compared to 52% who voted for the quality food as their first preference. So we direly require to work upon what can bring the customers back to your place and hence this article

Yes! You got that right. The very basic reason why we saw a huge dropout rate in restaurant startups is because they fail to match their indoors with the spinning outdoor trends. Apart from that, poor business acumen, no management, and lack of financial planning among first-time restaurateurs, overrated pricing, locational issues, failing to adapt and inadequate market knowledge and lack of one to one consultancy are some of the primary reasons why restaurants fail. But not to worry, E-STANDARDZ being a hospitality consultancy with adequate market know-how and trending cheats, would never let you put a break on your dreams despite so much apprehension about the dynamic F & B industry.

The space that you offer gets you money, extra to what you invest. This article discusses every nook and corner of what checklist you must follow on while planning to build up a restaurant of yours. Here comes the queue of must to do (MtD) customs prior to inaugurating your restaurant and seeing it touching the chocolate tower.

  • Get max leads from your location - location of your restaurant will decide who will come and it will further decide how you should design and what you should serve! While deciding for the location, restaurateurs must go for the check of the surrounding area. Does it naturally welcome students or youth for casual hangouts or more suitable for casual restaurants. Must check for rent prices or lease before making any investment.

  • Managing utilities and other requisite services - after deciding the location, restaurateur must look for essential amenities like water, electricity, wifi facilities, chimney facilities, exhaust fans to prevent the moisture and humidity struck indoors, sanitation facilities, etc to carry on with the idea of setting a restaurant at decided location.

  • Type of restaurant - Based on the area and your capital investment, you can decide whether to have terrace types, ground cafeterias, pubs or bars, or closed bulky fine dining, casual dining or quick service restaurants or catch up houses etc. Location helps you decide that you should go with natural lights or artificial aesthetics or retro, classic or modern music. Take into consideration the restaurant architect.

  • Get in touch with a restaurant architect - If you’re a newcomer you might quiver to manage the multiple ideas and you might end up wasting time about what to construct. A restaurant architect, on the basis of your location would give you a half baked recipe of architectural outlook for your restaurant and then cater you to work on interiors. The restaurant architect can work with the interior designer, with furniture vendors, with artists for wall and ceilings designing and get you a constructed restaurant of your own in a given time. Ḍecoratives and ambience can be taken care of at this moment.

  • Kitchen management consultant - managing the kitchen is the most important but ignored function while planning for setting up a restaurant. Kitchen consultants would help you choose what kind of equipment you require based on your restaurant type or based on menu. They will help you organise the kitchen in an easy to get manner. It would reduce the serving time that could increase your overall performance.

  • Menu on table - if you’re a budding restaurateur, you might not have adequate market knowledge of what food would suit what price at your location. Depending on the type of restaurant, the menu manager can turn the tables in your favour by designing a cost effective menu for your restaurant.

  • Procuring essentials - now you are required to fill your restaurant with all the necessary equipment and dining amenities like crockeries and cutleries and glasswares. The dress material of chefs and staff, the packaging material printed with brand logo and the housekeeping and cleaning materials including sanitizers and masks for staff. Procuring these from different vendors would burden you with a handsome amount of time. You can reach an online vendor and supplies provider for placing bulk orders at and get the best quality product delivered to your doors.

  • Chefs and staff on floor - now it's time for chefs and staff on floor. Picking a best chef is quite difficult for a multi-purpose restaurant but now it's easy. After choosing a chef and serving staff, a week training period must be given so as to inculcate in them the habit of serving dishes in less time than they could and could embibe in them the spirit of hospitality.

Taaarraaa….. Your dream restaurant is ready for dine-in. Over-investing time and money would cost you a lot if you're a budding restaurateur. Worry less, After choosing for location, provides one to one e-consultancy services from selecting the type of restaurant, architectural designing of restaurant (indoor and outdoors), kitchen management, menu management, chefs and staff training and help you procure the bulk essential prerequisites for running a restaurant from , an e-procurement and supplies service. You can get kitchen equipment, cutleries, crockeries, glasswares, dress materials for your chefs and staff, housekeeping and cleaning material and all kinds of packaging stuff be it plastic or paper or tin as well as eco-friendly materials.

If it's your dream then this is our responsibility to help you realize this dream in an organized, efficient and sustainable manner that would make your restaurant touch the stars of skies.



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