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The Tradition Of India: Unique Services Catered By Hotels

Updated: Apr 27

History of India: Athithi Devo Bhava

Atithi Devo Bhava, a Sanskrit term (अतिथिदेवो भव:), translated as “a guest is akin to God.” The phrase signifies the special host-guest relationship and respects them as equivalent to a God. This idea of going above and beyond to treat guests with respect goes even further than the typical Hindu-Buddhist greeting of namaste, which is used for everyone and means "I bow to the divinity in you."

The Incredible India campaign was launched by the Indian Tourism Department's Atithi Devo Bhava initiative to increase the number of tourists visiting the country. A social awareness campaign called "Atithi Devo Bhava" has continued to make foreign visitors feel more welcome to visit and stay. The campaign is too advanced to have incorporated e-hospitality services for tourists.

The campaign aims at the general public while focusing mostly on the tourist industry. Taxi drivers, tour guides, immigration authorities, police, and other staff members that deal with tourists directly receive training and orientation. The program was successful as several advertisements were broadcasted on television which fuelled the sense of responsibility in the citizens of the country to behave properly and take care of the infrastructure and their surroundings. It promotes a lot of unique services by hotels in India.

Unique services by hotels in India

India is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage that is well-known throughout the world. Moreover, its extensive range of cuisine also reflects cultural diversity. Indian food, in its purest form, is a synthesis of the cultures, customs, and influences of various ethnic populations that have been adopted and absorbed over time. We Indians see food as a medium to spread our culture and form better human relationships. Be it rice kheer or tandoori, Indian traditional foods and flavors won’t ever disappoint your taste buds. India's traditional cuisine is well acclaimed for its amazing use of dried herbs and spices. There are countless cuisines of the f & b industry; unique in themselves from north to south.

With the advent of globalization, people of different nationalities have started traveling and residing in India and vice-versa. As a result, many different world cuisines have been more Indianized. Nowadays, one may find specialized restaurants serving cuisines from throughout the world in large metropolises. To prevent it from vanishing, it is important to revive and promote our hospitality industry with Indian traditional foods.

Indian traditional foods are a rich source of vitamins because they were created to meet individual needs. These recipes are designed to offer a rich flavor while also offering a nutritious diet and the necessary quantity of nourishment for each climate, area, season, age, and gender. Since many traditional recipes and cuisines have been lost over time due to changing eating habits, a lack of knowledge about the nutritional value of traditional foods, and the lack of standard recipes, Indian traditional foods serve as a reminder of our rich culinary heritage, especially for the younger generations.

Unique hotels of India

There are elegant hotels and restaurants in India that are not just giving tough competition in terms of giving the best stays, but also giving extraordinary lodging experiences to people. Let’s introduce you to the hotels of India with unique services.

  • Xandari Riverscapes, Alapuzha, Kerala

Have you ever visited a kettuvallam? Well, Xandari Riverscapes will be happy to help you embark on your first-ever kettuvallam, or Keralan houseboat, experience. When you are onboard these houseboats with traditional designs, it will seem like traveling back in time.

  • Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur

Think of the last time you visited Jaipur- forts and qillas, the lavish maharaja villas! Well, to give you a luxurious experience visit Alila Fort Bishangarh. This hotel was formerly a combat fort and features modern amenities including an infinity pool, private lounges, bars, and a spa in addition to historic turrets, cellars, grand passageways, and dungeons.

  • Tree House Hideaway - Bandhavgarh

One of the most enjoyable ways to see the forest is at the Tree House Hideaway in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The cozy rooms of this treehouse hotel are located above the ground, far from the wild creatures yet still in the middle of nature. In the 21 acres of land surrounded by large trees and a lush forest, there are a total of five treehouses. This accommodation features a high in refined and gives you a nomad feel and makes your stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Shalom resort , Nagaland

Shalom Resort may be the most unusual place to visit on our list. We are referring to traditional Naga morungs when we say unique. Naga morungs are thatch-roofed lodgings that originally served as dorms for bachelors. Young Naga bachelors used to socialize in their local morungs back in the day. You can stay at one of these motels at Shalom. Get tucked in your sleeping bags!

  • The Himalayan Village Resort, Kullu

You can stay in a cottage constructed at the Himalayan Village using dry stacking of wood and stone rather than concrete, which is the traditional Kathkuni construction site. The cottages are equipped with all the modern conveniences, and as you step outside, your private garden awaits you! In addition to the standard stay, there are other outdoor activities you may engage in, like rappelling, nature walks, jungle excursions, rock climbing, mountain biking, and trout fishing, to mention a few.

Finding the ideal lodging when planning a trip can be challenging. Similarly, if you are a hotel or restaurant owner and aiming to attract customers, it becomes very important to give quality service. ESTANDARDZ comes to your rescue being a 360-degree consultant partner for your hotel and restaurant. Everyone prioritizes a pleasant hotel when arranging a vacation, whether it's a vacation or an excursion. But what if, before leaving the hotel, you might have thousands of different, unforgettable experiences? Yes, that is accurate. These hotels provide unique hospitality services and your stay will definitely be adventurous. Thanks to India's heritage hotels, homestays, farm stays, and wilderness retreats!



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