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Restaurant Interior Design

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 Restaurant Interior Design is an entire task. Your undertaking of Restaurant Design will be handheld from the idea stage, till the Restaurant begins and start operating.


In this journey, you will have somebody whom you can skip of your thoughts, get a prepared conclusion and empower to understand your objectives.


  It’s Importance

Designing a Hospitality venture is just opposite to general Interior design, While designing Hotel/ Restaurant, an Architect or a designer has to keep a lot of aspects in mind as to comply with the targeted market, budgets in hand, ROI, Market demands and Kitchen/Menu Concept. 'First Impression is the Last Impression' A true quote which says that customers first taste and feel the ambiance and then the food and Service, which is why it becomes so important for a business owner to launch a project with the top quality interiors and designs.

  Restaurant Interior Includes

  • Concept Development

  • Market Study & Competition Study

  • Feasibility Study

  • CapEx Budget

  • Layouts and designs

  • Identification of all resources needed

  • Generating 3D views

  • Execution Strategy


A project schedule will be made to identify all activities that need to happen when you sign up on the lease. The project schedule will enable you to identify the critical path Help you complete your project on time.


Why Estandardz

Its all about the team and its thoughts which make anything hit in the market.

Estandardz is a dynamic team with inhouse world-class Architects and Designers with a combined experience of decades in the hospitality industry to comply with every aspect required for perfect restaurant design.

  Kitchen Setup and Design


At the beginning of the restaurant Planning, It is very important for the Business owner to parallel plan for Design and Kitchen as to make both the heads compatible with each other. This is a very important aspect which is generally not considered, as either client become focused on Kitchen or Design which makes either of the heads weak and lastly it impacts the complete project. 

Estandardz is an Inhouse team of Chefs, Designers, Marketers, and Analysts to facilitate a turnkey solution with everyone on the same grounds and considering both the heads as equal and important.

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