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Other Management Services

Estandardz other management services


When it comes to F&B services, starting a restaurant is only the beginning. There are several areas of expertise required to run a successful venture.

Here are some of the services we provide beyond core restaurant start-ups:

  1. Market Intelligence and Research Studies: We conduct extensive market research to provide insights and recommendations on industry trends, consumer preferences, and competitor analysis.

  2. Expansion planning: We assist in identifying opportunities for expansion, whether it's opening new locations or entering new markets.

  3. Location Feasibility: We conduct feasibility studies to help determine the viability of a location for a restaurant or hotel group.

  4. Real Estate Sourcing for Restaurants and Hotel Groups: We help source real estate properties suitable for F&B establishments, taking into consideration factors like accessibility, foot traffic, and zoning regulations.

  5. Restaurant Interiors: We provide design and decor services to create an ambiance that complements the cuisine and enhances the overall dining experience.

  6. Contracting and Project Management: We oversee the construction and renovation process of F&B establishments, ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget.

  7. 360-degree Branding: We develop comprehensive branding strategies, including logo design, marketing collateral, and social media management.

  8. Training Need Identification and Customized Training Modules: We provide training programs customized to the needs of each establishment, covering areas like customer service, menu development, and management training.

  9. Restaurant Operations Audit: We conduct regular audits to ensure that all aspects of the operation are running smoothly and efficiently.

  10. Restaurant Accounts Audit: We provide accounting and financial services, including bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.

  11. F&B Controls: We help establish and implement controls to ensure the consistency and quality of food and beverage products.

  12. Mystery Audit Programs: We conduct anonymous audits to identify areas of improvement and ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.

  13. Restaurant IT Solutions: We provide IT solutions, including POS systems, inventory management, and online ordering platforms.

  14. Franchise Development Program: We assist in developing franchise programs for successful F&B establishments.

  15. Turnarounds for Restaurants in Trouble: We provide turnaround strategies to help struggling F&B establishments recover from financial and operational challenges.

In conclusion, our expertise in various F&B services goes beyond just starting up a restaurant venture.
We aim to provide end-to-end solutions for any problem that may arise during the operation of the establishment, ensuring that our clients achieve long-term success in the industry.

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