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All-in-one Restaurant Business Kickstart Checklist

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Restaurant business Checklist Estandardz

If the idea of owning a restaurant has ever crossed your mind, then you should stick with us till the end. Estandardz is a 360-degree solution provider for the hospitality business. A one-stop shop for your existing or future F&B brand. The process can be overwhelming, so it is always better to seek the assistance of a restaurant consultant who will guide, evaluate, and help you overcome the risk factors coming your way. To give you an upper hand over others, we have closely researched and come up with this opening a restaurant checklist to make this process smoother for you. Make sure you do not miss out on anything.


How to step into the restaurant business? -Estandardz checklist

The restaurant business can be and is one of the finest businesses to own. Restaurants are more than just places to eat; they are also places where people form and maintain relationships with friends and family. If you have the passion to create a friendly space that cherishes human relationships, talk to a cafe consultant who will walk you through the whole process. A new add-on: we have animal-friendly restaurants and cafes these days. Join hands and work with a restaurant consultant to make you a successful entrepreneur in this industry!

  • Brainstorm, search, and stick to an idea

Numerous innovations are happening every day in the hospitality industry, but they all survive on a concept. As an entrepreneur, one should decide on a concrete concept for their restaurant. Weave your concept around your customers. The concept should connect with them, and nothing feels better than home. Every man searches for a homely feeling even after stepping out of his adobe. Conduct proper market research and find your kick, a solution that you can provide to them as a potion. Try to gather information about the trending cuisines people prefer these days. To move forward, it is important to brainstorm together with a restaurant consultant and find answers to such questions.

  • Start with a business plan.

To plan your restaurant, it is crucial to have a visionary business plan. Gathering your funds and planning the budget appropriately are a few complex things to start with. Other actionable plans include:

  • Setting a menu

  • Onboarding a team of professional chefs

  • Hiring the staff

  • financial analysis and marketing plan.

  • Operational plans and competitive analysis

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis

  • Location

Another important thing to consider while opening a new restaurant is the choice of location. A restaurant mind map with an excellent concept and an outstanding interior will hardly aid in accomplishing your goals if you skip focusing on the location. A cafe consultant is aware of the good locations that can help you generate more revenue. The location should be surrounded by your target audience. For instance, a restaurant in a posh area will be a success because people can easily afford to come there and spend money. On the contrary, a local eatery will flourish in the university area because students do not frequently visit luxury restaurants.

  • Don’t forget your licenses.

Starting a restaurant is a piece of cake, but getting a legal license is challenging. The wide variety of licenses are FSSAI, liquor license (if you are selling liquor at your restaurant), health/trade license, eating house license, shop and establishment act, GST registration, approval from the fire department, lift clearance, music license, a certificate from environmental clearance, and signage license. The owner should research which licenses to own and talk to a restaurant consultant who will make the process free from any hassle and risk.

  • The right types of equipment in the right place

A restaurant is just a place without adequate modern equipment. One should visit the procurement agencies (link Horeca stop) for making arrangements like kitchen installation, sanitation, tools for times of emergency, and decoration of interiors that go well with the theme and set an ambiance for the restaurant.

  • A grand opening awaits

The grand opening becomes your official entry into the hospitality industry. The opening is usually divided into two parts—a soft launch and a hard launch. The soft entry is for family and friends, where you let them explore the restaurant and its offerings. The family and friends can give you honest opinions and reviews; you can make the necessary changes. At the final grand opening, you can run some special offers to get the attention of the customers and introduce your restaurant to them.

  • Marketing is a must.

Last but not least, marketing your restaurant well can help you transform it into a brand. Utilize your resources and test and track both online and offline marketing. Create a unique social media presence for your restaurant to create awareness among people. Prepare a long-term comprehensive strategy with the help of a restaurant consultant to market your restaurant well. Have your goals in front of your eyes and run exciting marketing campaigns to achieve them. Build a relationship through your brand with the general population and they will do the word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Estandardz initiated a vision to detach from the conventions and assist people to write a new story. Click here to connect with our experts. Let's give wings and a powerful voice to your ambitions!



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