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Kitchen Design

Estandadz kitchen Design


Estandardz Kitchen Design planning is for you if,


  • You have thought of a new restaurant Idea and needed the Kitchen work to be done

  • Optimisation of space is required.

  • Equipment utilisation is required.

  • Ensuring of Workflow required.

  • Optimization of staff movements while order execution.

  • Reduction of the labor is required.

  • Menu as per the Targeted market is required

  • World class hiring is required



Kitchen Design Planning is to confirm the proper movement of the things inside, proper execution of the dine in and take away, combining the countless aspects together to give out the best in the kitchen.

One Common Characteristic to all food service facilities, each is involved in production and sale or distribution of food. For this all the service facility is required to be planned and operated by the modern methods of management

It is a part of the planning process, which however seems to be a small part but plays a very vital role in the day-to-day operations and the optimisation of the kitchen.

Planning a  kitchen is part of consultancy, which covers

  • Project concept

  • Market studies

  • Financial Planning & feasibility study

  • Location and site consideration

  • Size

  • Menu

  • Service

  • Atmosphere

  • Pricing

  • Food preparation and production methods Materials and Layout of equipment, workplaces

Estandardz plays an important role in planning the kitchen and making the F&B of a restaurant a niche in the competition.

Food is something which can attract anyone anywhere.

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