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Financial Planning

Estandardz financial planning

If you are unaware of the numbers you can’t play with them.


  You need Estandardz restaurant and kitchen consulting for Restaurant Financial Planning, if

  1. You're a startup and have no idea what it takes for your concept to make numbers.

  2. You're an investor in a franchise or partnership and want a reality check on the proposal given to you.

  3. You have one restaurant and need to open another and want to review if your numbers add up.

  4. You have trouble creating budgets for your restaurants.

  5. You have no framework to compare multiple restaurants and multiple brands.

  6. You have not factored in inflation in your projection.

  7. Your idea is to assume a food or beverage cost is a percentage of revenue or that a labor cost is a percentage of revenue.

What Estandardz Can Do For You:

  • Create a CAPEX and OPEX sheet based on prudent assumptions for your restaurant concept and chosen format.

  • Enable you to understand the budget, stage-wise requirement of funds, and funds flow for a swift and smooth evolution of the project until the launch date.

  • Provide unencumbered operations for the first six months to a year.

  • Prepare a P&L sheet for 3 years based on sales assumptions with ROI indications.

  • Help you work out financial numbers in a practical way, which is vital before getting into the restaurant business.

  • Provide comprehensive guidance to ensure informed financial decision-making.

  • Ensure your restaurant venture is profitable and successful.


Estandardz's team of in-house financial experts, analysts, and CAs is dedicated to providing high-quality financial planning services that help clients achieve their financial goals.

With our expertise and knowledge, We help clients gain a better understanding of their finances, identify opportunities for growth and investment, and navigate complex tax laws and regulations.

Contact Estandardz today to learn more about how our financial experts can help your restaurant and hospitality business succeed.

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