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Estandardz started with a motive to give out something different to the industry in terms of new ideas and concepts. As the founders saw the real problem of the market the old Methods and models are being implemented on the new startups, which led to the born of a revolution in the hospitality industry ESTANDARDZ.


Developing new idea for the restaurant and hospitalit Industry

We create feasting ideas suited for the market, which are pertinent and tuned in to the current and future F&B patterns. This is the most vital advance as it sets the tone and center for the whole plan of action, including cooperation with the promoters and nitty gritty bored down talks with the hatching group, to stick point the arrangement of chances within reach and focusing on a specific cooking and organization

Chefs in Action

Kitchen setup  Planning starts from confirming the proper movement of the things inside, proper execution of the dine in and take away, to making market based menus, hiring the comapaitable staffs, making SOPs and combining the countless aspects together to give out the most optimized setup of the Kitchen which can support the entire operations. For this all the service facility is required to be planned and operated by the modern methods of management

Fancy Restaurant

Designing a Hospitality venture is all about understanding the complete process of Back of the house and Front of the house and merging it with the Kitchen, targeted market and the budget


Estandardz take up this task with its world class team of Architects and designers, who have combined experience of decades and execute it with analysis, sense and understanding.

Financial Planning of the restaurant with budgeting and P&L

 Depending on the restaurant concept and chosen format, we create the CAPEX & the OPEX sheets based on prudent assumptions. This enables the promoter to understand the budget, stage-wise requirement of funds and funds flow for a swift and smooth evolution of the project till launch date, and also for unencumbered operations for the first six months to a year.

Image by Duy Pham

50+ years of


We have the know-how you need.

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