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A kitchen Dish


Estandardz is a 360 degree solution provider for the hospitality business. A one-stop-shop for your existing or future F&B brand. 
We have core competencies in concept development, facility planning, kitchen and bar design, menu development and engineering, staffing & training, equipment sourcing, creating customized SOPs & manuals, restaurant accounting, F&B controls, branding & communication strategy.

Our aim is to enable you to achieve your goals in the food business by fast, insightful service from us.

We work with first time entrepreneur, small and medium enterprise and chain restaurants.And have worked with investors to evaluate their investment opportunity.



Restaurant business can be and is one of the finest business to own. Restaurants are not just places to eat but our places where people renew their relationships, friends , families, teams… all memories tied down to a restaurant. Its a great  service being performed and be proud if you are part of this industry and yes you would be lucky to be part of it.


We are a team of more than 50 enthusiasts, serving Pan India , working on the mission to turn it out a revolution in the industry. We are spilt of 50:50 on Beer and Juice lovers. Beer lovers are mild.



Here are some commanders of the team

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