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We wonder about the variety of food endlessly listed in menus available within walls of brown hues or shades of blue or gardenary greens and much more unnamed. We got out and researched what is common and what's unique about them. To our surprise, broadly speaking, we came across 14 different types of restaurants and eateries but today we’ll be listing 6 main types of restaurants that people prefer to match their moods and tastes. These restaurants show differences in their menus, their ambiance, their color outlooks, furniture, chefs, staff and the type of service, even the name of the restaurant as well as the price of the food they serve.



  • ABOUT - these are the eateries that primarily serve on-the-go food which takes less time to prepare. These restaurants focus more on the frequency of consumers than the pricing individual food items that make their profit margins. Sometimes, they create a chain of franchises operating over a large geography


  • SERVICE TYPE - prominently counter-service or drive-through service

  • AMBIENCE AND FURNITURE - The ambiance is essentially functional with lots of plastic seating and tabletops, fluorescent lighting, and the chain's branded graphics as in dominoes. Limited furniture, light decorative, and simple walls.

  • MENU - very limited menu, serves specialized and processed and ready to eat meals with few add ons. For example, dominoes serve cold drinks with pizza. Food is generally served in paper or plastic trays and

  • PRICING - nominal prizes and generally running discounts and offers, serves combo at lower prices.


  • ABOUT - fast casuals are the category of the restaurant between fast food and fine dining restaurants. They might operate in chains or singularly. Offers taste, conveniences on affordable plates.


  • SERVICE TYPE - self-service with quick counter service chain.

  • FURNITURE AND AMBIANCE - The furniture is classically cool with more no of seatings. The ambiance is youth-oriented including artistic walls, with fewer decoratives and fluorescent lights may be bluish or dim yellow.

  • MENU - They do not specialize in single items. They serve multiple fast foods like a variety of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. prepared with high-quality ingredients.

  • PRICING - they offer taste with affordability. A medium-priced menu.


  • ABOUT - These are family-type full meal-based restaurants operating for centuries. Fine dining refers to a restaurant experience that is of a higher quality and greater formality. The less likely to operate in chains. They are operated mostly by renowned chefs in smaller locations.


  • SERVICE TYPE - sit-down meal and table service carried by staff or served either by staff or guests themselves.

  • FURNITURE AND AMBIANCE - the very formal furniture with sofa (3/2/1 seater) around dining chair. The lights are fine and decent with soft classic or retro music. Separate rooms for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

  • MENU - they serve specifically dedicated meal courses usually in platters and not for individual serves. Some specific cuisines find a place in the menu. From the chef's bowl - a chef’s special corner is always there in the menu.

  • PRICING - typically higher in price because of the quality food you get.


  • ABOUT - Contemporary casual, a relatively new type of restaurant, is a sit-down dining experience common in GEN Z that prioritizes health, sustainability, and goes with experience and atmosphere. Many follow eco-friendly protocols and serve unique, healthy food options featuring fusion cuisine

  • EXAMPLE - olive Qutub, New Delhi.

  • SERVICE - table service

  • FURNITURE AND AMBIANCE - since sustainability is primordial to their existence so mostly use recyclable craft material for decorative. A mostly natural and green ambiance makes the dining vibe fresh. Modern casual elegant decor marks the wall.

  • MENU - Many contemporary casual types of restaurants are known for mastering a specific meal that is generally sustainable, farm-to-table, fusion cuisine, and craft beverages. The food is decoratively served with veggies and fries.

  • PRICING - Pricing is indeed decent but worth what you get.

  • CAFE -

  • ABOUT - A café is generally a beverage-oriented establishment. They serve coffee, tea, pastries, and snack bites for breakfast and brunch. They can be a social meeting place, a mobile office, a leisure spot, or somewhere convenient to grab a matcha latte or a quick bite. They may operate as a chain or standalone.


  • SERVICE - counter service in a self dine-in fashion.

  • FURNITURE AND AMBIANCE - generally brown hues create the overall ambiance. Furniture remains light with tabletops and walls artistically creative.

  • MENU - The menu of a cafe serves beverages both hot and cold with a few snacks like french fries and their varieties or maybe sandwiches etc. they also serve extensions of international tastes like Italian espresso or french cappuccino.

  • PRICING - the menu is at a moderate to low price

  • DHABAS -

  • ABOUT - dhabas are roadside eateries generally along the highways. They often serve the truck drivers a cuisine of relief with a homemade taste.

  • EXAMPLE - bassi da dhaba, kailash dhaba.

  • FURNITURE AND AMBIANCE - the ambiance is natural and comfortable maybe in ‘khatiya’ or we can say the desi style of seating arrangement. They are generally open and under the roof made of bamboo. The sun shines all around and tube lights at night.

  • MENU - the food completely seems like it was made at home. The menu includes puri sabzi, naan, dal bhagar, chole, matar paneer and all with tadka lajawab. Just like nani k hath ki roti in a paaji style. Their menu also includes drinks like lassi, chhach, sharbat, etc.

  • PRICING - the menu price is just minimal with a homely taste.

So here we end up narrowly. The budding restaurateurs may find it difficult to choose what type of restaurant business they can invest in and how they can match the menus and ambiance correctly and follow a planned strategy to keep their business sustainably succeeding. Here’s a role of an online restaurant consultancy service, that plans out how your restaurant should work to maximize profits from beginning to end. Be it financial management, choosing the type of restaurant, interior or outlook designing, kitchen, and menu management ESTANDARDZ would help you sail through your journey. Best of luck!



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