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Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Technology is accelerating at a very nimble rate, and this is changing both the expectations of backers as well as the way in which the hospitality industry in conducting its business.

Hospitality has become hub of activity unto them. Most of this activity bet bottom dollar on technology, directly or indirectly, making IT more vital to hotel operations and the guest experience than ever before.

In hospitality, every advantage counts. So we’re here to share ten of the top technology trends in hospitality today. Check them out. Think about which ones make sense for your business. And if you see an opportunity, you can get out in front and begin planning accordingly.


The tool that once started as a carefully shaped piece of metal quickly turned into electronic key cards, and is set to take off its physical form altogether. The hotel key is in form of data on a guest’s mobile device.


People have now started to book hotels by having influence through word of mouth and online reviews Guests have a lot to say about their experiences at hotels, but they don’t always say it directly to you. It is one of the main reasons that more and more hotels have started investing in social listening tools. These tools allow hotels to find out about the wants, needs, desires, complaints of the guests and they jump into the conversation if it makes sense.


Self-serve is trending these days. These days, many guests prefer technology over human interaction for transparent tasks. Remote check-in and check-out options are becoming attractive. There are a lot of guest requests that can be automated with the right technology, which frees hotel staff up for other activities that enhance the guest experience. It will be very useful in the coming years.


The way the customers interact these days have changed. Customers are booking hotels online. A vigorously designed guest app blends everything from notifications of deals to hotel services to loyalty programs. The technology is still under development. One thing is certain, that the hotel with a truly connected experience will be full of very happy, empowered guests.

One such example is MiContact Centre for hospitality which lets the customer book online, checking it at kiosks and sharing their experience via social media. It makes it easy for the hoteliers to interact with customers on the media of their own choice.


Being able to fathom where hotel staff and guests are located at any given time leads to improve the guest experience. This involves, from being able to deliver services to guests on time to freeing them from their rooms to helping event staff operate more smoothly to turning over rooms more quickly and beyond. This is just the beginning. This is a category to keep an eye on.

At Estandardz, while designing and conceptualization , we keep these things in mind, to stay tune with the technology used in hospitality. It is to our utmost priority to our experts. You can contact us on



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