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Things You Should Place Properly in A Restaurant!

There are a few basic assortments which every customer looks for in a restaurant. If you have them prim and proper, you are probably doing a great job with your business. Why? Because these most basic of things can produce impressive reactions on customers. As people who have witnessed the whole faux pas in our years of providing restaurant services, Estandardz can give you a few pointers in how to get the appearances right. With these tips, we can help you create an impression of being a genial host.

1. Clean tabletops

No matter how busy a time you are having, clean table tops are a must before every single customer. This appeals to the elementary instincts of a person to dine at a clean, well-lighted place. Shiny surfaces are a sight that will tempt your customers to visit more often.

2. Napkins

Often at restaurants, we find the holders not having enough napkins. This is a huge mistake that can create a wrong impression about the shop. Customers are easily made happy if only you cater to their simple necessities. Ensuring that there are napkins for ample use is one such task. They must be placed on the table, where the customers could reach them easily.

3. Menu

The Menu card is a thing most definitely requested for when a guest walks in. A customer would be happy if he/she is not kept waiting just to be handed over the menu card. It would be ideal to place them on the tables as soon as they are vacated, so that the next customer could easily access it.

4. Salt, Pepper and Ketchup bottles

Many people consider it a little shameful to request for ketch up bottles or pepper, if they are not readily provided with these. The result is that they leave dissatisfied. This is an issue with a very simple solution. So simple that a little attention to the detail of serving can correct it. Be sure to place the salt, pepper and ketch up bottles on all tables instead of providing them when and if asked.

5. Hand washes, soaps and towels.

The washroom of any restaurant is a place which every guest scrutinises. Cleanliness is the most important factor in here. But what if you haven’t replenished the bottle of hand sanitiser? The customers could still leave the restaurant displeased no matter how good the food was. Bottles of hand sanitisers on counters, fresh and clean towels properly hung on rads and sparkling mirrors are a sight that will give the customers a homely feel.



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