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Some Questions You Would Like to Have Answered

 Why should you hire us?

Building up a restaurant or a hotel from scratch can be quite a tedious job. It requires constant care and supervision in every stage of development. By hiring us, the consultant experts, for the job, you are getting yourself someone to tick off the checklist of tasks which will set up a profitable F&B business. We, at Estandardz, make your dream come true by building the restaurant you’ve always wanted, at the most affordable of prices.

 What are our success stories?

Estandardz is not just another firm among the cornucopia of consultants in the field. We have reached the top by striving to provide the best for our customers every single time. Our clients include the GMR Group, @Cafe, Lajawab Banquets and Karry’s Sports Bar and Grill.

 How do you ensure that our services are the best?

Client base is our biggest proof of service quality. Estandardz has the motto of zero compromise when it comes to the satisfaction of our restaurateurs. From the optimal restaurant design to mouthwatering dishes, we serve them all right here. Estandardz is here and now at the top level because clients had entrusted their dreams with us and we took those dreams over as our own.

 Do we help you in finding the best location for your dream restaurant?

o Estandardz provides 360° services to our clients. The process begins with us listening to your idea for your visionary project. We will hunt down the ideal spot for your restaurant and will be happy to help you procure the land. There on we will begin the task of realising your restaurant dreams.

 Will we devise optimal tax saving plans for your restaurant?

We have a manegerial and financial wing which will handle the monetary expenditures of the restaurant. We also provide a variety of auditing services to ensure that the business runs on full steam with maximum possible profit. Our Audit commanders will efficiently handle the accounts and operations of the restaurant to wisely minimise taxes while our Design and Markwting sections work on the customer-friendly aspects of a restaurant.

 Will we help you in establishing an online food delivery service?

The IT wing at Estandardz is fully equipped to help our clients build and launch a website of professional standard. Online business will require the best of customer relations which we promise to provide our clients with. We can supply the restaurants new strategies to optimise the delivery services with the help of latest technological advancements and thus quickly rise up in ranks.

 Will we help you in procuring fresh and high quality raw materials for your menu?

We believe that any F&B business comes down to how well we satisfy the taste buds of the foodies who visits us. Menu is one of the most important factors here which need extra care and planning. It is equally important that we deliver what we promise. Estandardz is there for you to serve the most delicious of food in your restaurant. Obviously, it includes getting good employees, procuring necessary kitchen equipment and raw materials, that is, the ingredients of the dishes.

 Do we provide services to install security measures in your restaurant?

Estandardz ensure all round services for any customer who approaches us. We custom the designs to perfectly fit their requirements. As a result, security is a necessary service included in our combo. We avail security personal for our clients and install CCTV cameras as per the need of the structure. We also set up burglar alarms, monitoring systems, fire extinguishers and other technical services to our customers.

 Can we research on the market challenges of a specifically given locality?

Estandardz is a pan-Indian firm with branches in various cities. We work from numerous platforms and at various levels. Once we are briefed of the ideas and requirements of the customer, we conduct a detailed research of the given locality by deploying our market experts who will furnish detailed reports. The report will tell of the needs of customers and the necessary modifications to be made. The research is an important step in our work as it gives us knowledge of the food preferences and field competitions in the locality and thus helps to optimise profit.

 Are restaurant consultant services too pricey to be affordable?

Estandardz works at all feasible price ranges. We have worked in the past alongside cafes and hotel chains alike. The price is what our clients wishes to invest in his/her project. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide whatever our clients have asked of us.

 Will we help you in finding the best chefs for your dream hotel?

Chefs are the most decisive of players in the restaurant business. Without a chef who knows the golden rules of satiating a hungry customer, the whole restaurant can fall apart. This is where we can help you very much. Being experts in the field of F&B, we have extensive connections and knowledge of the big names in the industry, using which we will ensure that our restaurants have the best of chefs. Interviews and various levels of tests are conducted personally by our experts before we put forward our candidates before you. You can then sit back and enjoy success as we serve it.

 Will we help you in deciding the entertainment options for your guests, such as hiring musical bands?

Entertainment for the customers is becoming increasingly trendy in food business. More number of restaurants aspire adapting to this style - of providing a combo of food and live music. Musical bands are a great lure to both young and old alike. We focus on all those methods that will promote our restaurants before their targeted customers by whatever feasible methods we can adopt.

 Are all our services equipped to meet the needs of individual clients in a customised manner?

Although we furnish a general description of the most basic services that are frequently desired for, we always endeavour to make each of our designs unique. For each client, we deliver customised designs, marketing strategies and services which will impeccably meet their demands.

 Do we help in deciding on the name, creating catchy tag lines and advertising the restaurant to the need?

Marketing and Brand promotions comes under our specialisations among other things. We would be delighted to help you choose the perfect name for your dream restaurant and a quirky tag line to with it. Because it is absolutely necessary that the name and tag line are attractive so the customers feel a pull to explore the restaurant in town.

 Do we help in getting the necessary permits and licenses for the restaurant?

Estandardz provide round the clock services for our customers in all possible fields of F&B, where they might need our help. Acquiring licenses, food permits and quality assurance certification from government and the FSSAI can be a red-tape fiasco if not properly attended to. We can take the task over from your hands and responsibly deliver all the necessary certifications within the time limit. It keeps your focus on building your dream without worrying about paper works.



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