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Restaurants are emerging every now and then, thus so as to not get lost in the crowd one need to leave an impactful impression on the customers while they visit the restaurant for the first time. As soon as the potential dinners step in the restaurant, they get the first impression of the restaurant and as the old saying says ‘First impression is the last impression’, the restaurant owner should consider this as their topmost priority since if the potential dinners do not find the restaurant appealing they might not come back.

In this article we will walk you through some innovative ideas while opening a restaurant to throw an everlasting impression upon the customers.


Opening of the restaurant is always a big day and it is this day through which the customers make an impression about the restaurant. You cannot think of impressing the customers by planning just a week before. You need to plan the same well before in advance. You need to prepare in a systematic manner. Prepare a Plan Calendar where you’ll mention about every plan in detail. It should include details like what you are planning to organize, on which day, the discounts offered, the special menu and special guests to be invited. Once the plan is ready, all you need to do is to abide by the plan scheduled and you’ll be good to go during the inauguration of the restaurant.


The period when you introduce your restaurant plays an important role for its first publicity. You should make the best use of that time. It’s the time when you tell about the restaurant, the décor and the menu to your family, friends, vendors and influencers, they’ll give you their opinion about the same and also they’ll spread the arrival of the restaurant in vicinity. You should always keep in mind about your target audience and should make sure that they get to know about the restaurant during this time period.

You should ask them their feedback and should sincerely follow it. You can also create a group for the same to get diverse opinions. You should also take the help of social media to spread the word about the restaurant.


For having a grand opening, you must do smart marketing. You must start the smart marketing well in advance. You must do the same through both online and offline marketing. For online marketing, you can create an attractive website which will include all the details about the restaurant which includes its name, location, menu and also the photographs of the interior of the restaurant and its food. For offline marketing you can put the hoardings and distribute pamphlets in the entire city, also make an advertisement in the local newspaper.


Create an attractive website of the restaurant which would include each and every detail about the restaurant which includes its name, exact address and theme of the restaurant. Here you can start putting the pictures and videos of how the restaurant is building itself from the starch. Post about the offers and discounts which you’ll be offering in the initial days. Post videos in which the chef is talking about the specialty of the dishes which will be served in the restaurant and how these dishes are different from the other competing restaurants.


Regularly update the website by posting the pictures of the food and the interior of the restaurant. You can even upload the videos of how the food is been prepared which would let to know the customers how the food is prepared and how hygienic it is by seeing an insight of the kitchen. Also upload the feedback forms for the customers to give their reviews which should e followed sincerely. Also upload the pictures of the customers coming and enjoying in the restaurant.


If you have performed the above steps right then you don’t need to worry about the opening of the restaurant. Now the next step is to create a good impression on the main day. For this, decorate the restaurant nicely; bring a well-known DJ which will drive the customers crazy.

Some of the other things to be remembered are:

  • Deals and offers to attract the customers

  • Menu it right

  • Let the media spread the world about the restaurant

At Estandardz, we keep the above tips in mind while opening the restaurant which will leave an everlasting impression on the customers. We help in bringing the innovative ideas and implement the same efficiently. It is to the utmost priority of our experts. You can contact us on www.estandardz.com.


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