• Palak Gupta

Restaurant Design 2018

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

In the world of acute Eats and value menus, how do independent restaurants sway customers to actually eat inside of their stores? Can “good food, fast” be enough? Turns out, discrete, exclusive interior design is demanding in getting customers through the door. Besides the overall look of the restaurant, the infinitesimal details like using dark materials to make a space seem cozier or an interesting plate enhancing the dish does impact the experience of dinning out.

We have scoop 5 various restaurant design trends from various experts that you’ll be seeing across the globe in 2018.


The interior space consists of a living green wall or potted plants. Indoor plants play an important role in interior design. They bring in a living element that is convenient, growing, and ever-changing. They provide function and form while looking beautiful. They can change the milieu of a space. They augment the design without hampering with other important design elements. Plants visually lower ceiling and thus makes the space look more cozy.


Wood paneling is back and is better than ever. It adds warmth and character that the customers will remember. If wood panelling is used properly, it can add colour and texture to the space. It provides a more rustic feel. It makes the room simultaneously look modern and retro. It provides a touch to kitch and add depth and warmth to the space.


The experts suggest that there will no more be white walls. The bold colour schemes of 60’s which includes colours like millennial pink and bright red, turquoise and jet black, forest green and muted gold, to name a few will be used in 2018.


There is a very monotone feeling to promenading into a space that's all wood, bared brick and off-white. All the reclaimed wood, bare light bulbs and exposed brick feels charred. These were all undeniably design choices that were part of a colossal trend but are starting to feel outdated and overworked.


Noise plays a demanding role in creating the apt atmosphere. Noise can even affect how diners discern their food. Noise leads to lower the ability to taste sweet foods, perception of the aroma a meal, tendency to perceive food as dry and it decreases enjoyment of the taste of food. We're going to see restaurants blending soundproofing materials into their style and design from the get-go.

At Estandardz, while designing and conceptualization, we keep these things in mind, to control of the impression of our customers as soon as they walk in the door. These are of the utmost priority to our experts. You can contact us on www.estandardz.com.

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