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Major Issues While Opening A Restaurant

Owning a restaurant is a dream for many food lovers. You work hard to make it come true. But, wait a sec! Even as you are about to open the shop, there are several things that could either go wrong or could affect your business for worse in future, if you do not take care of them now. It is always best to be sure that you have actually dotted all the ‘ i’s and crossed all the ‘t’s.

Wondering what all should you check on before the grand opening? Here are a few pointers:

1. What kind of restaurant is yours?

Fix a theme for your restaurant and stick to it throughout its development. You might want an Italian cuisine and matching decor or you want a stand-out pub just for drinks. Be specific about the theme of your restaurant right from the beginning. This is one way to lure in customers of any specific category.It is important that you decide on the type of restaurant for the advertisements and also to choose a name accordingly.

2. The Location

The location of any restaurant is a major question. First and foremost, it is necessary that a restaurant be located in a place where passers by could catch a good glimpse of it. If people could see it, then it means publicity without advertisements. Think about how much more you will need to spend on to simply advertise about the existence of a restaurant? You must also arrange for parking space for the customers, which can otherwise lead you to miss out on guests.

3. The Interior

Foodies love to visit a restaurant that has beautiful and inviting interiors. It should be so set up that the customers are comfortably seated to enjoy the crafty décor of your place. Give your restaurant a design that will allow light in during the mornings. For the night time, bring out a mix of shadows and artificial lights to give ambience to the interiors.

Exteriors of the restaurant must be well kept to create an impression in the minds of customers. It can have beautiful lawns or have classy white looks. Keep in mind that looks does matter in this case.

4. The kitchen

Have you ascertained that your kitchen is fully equipped to meet all situations? You must have already chosen an excellent chef and supporting staff, but their functionality is a decisive factor in the success of your restaurant. The staff should be experienced and able enough to handle the busy lunch times or dinners in future. The kitchen should also be set up to be of maximum help to the chefs.

5. Advertisements

Have you given proper thought into advertising your new restaurant? For people to know that you are beginning on a new venture, you should be able to sell the news well. Organise a grand opening day with free samples to bring in customers on the first day. Serve them sample of the best items on your menu so they could get a taste of your restaurant. Such promotions could go a long way in giving publicity to a new shop.



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