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The quick service restaurant format is a significant segment in the Food Industry of India. This is more significant in the organized market. According to the survey done in 2016 by the National Restaurant Association of India, the QSR market was estimated at INR 19,225. It is projected to reach to INR 24,665 in 2020. Undoubtedly, food industry is one of the most profitable businesses. The roadside food stalls play on cheap price which foreign fast-food chains already known for their brand. This makes quite difficult for them to stand firm in the business.

In this article we have mention some tips to run a successful quick service restaurant chain. Happy Reading!


Consistency is must for the customers to be happy anytime they visit your restaurant. Food is the primary reason for which the customers come to the restaurant and if the food is good when they visit the first time and then its quality is degraded when they visit the second time, this will discourage them from coming to your restaurant again.

You must have noticed that there is a difference in quality, quantity and outlets across different outlets of McDonalds and Dominos. They sometimes provide region specific menu. But all the outlets in the same city provide the same taste. You should follow the same principle in your restaurant chains as well.

You can maintain consistency by setting up a base kitchen. The food items will be semi prepared in the base kitchen and then they’ll be distributed to all the outlets of the city. This will help in maintaining the consistent taste of the food.


You should always stand out of the lot. And to make you count against the others, innovation is must. You should bring innovations in the food menu. Never try to copy others. Be innovative and creative.

For example, if you are selling pizzas, do not restrict yourself to the traditional names and tastes of them; try to bring innovation by adding an Indian flavor to it as well.

However, bring innovation keeping in mind the interests and preferences of your target audience. For example, a college goer, he will try willingly something new whereas the corporate crowd will prefer to stick with the traditional taste.


For sticking into the customers mind, you must do smart marketing. You must do both online and offline marketing. Both online and offline marketing will help in generating bumper profits.

Online Marketing

Create an attractive website of the restaurant which would include each and every detail about the restaurant which includes its name, exact address and theme of the restaurant. You need to create the website in such a way that it includes right keywords in place so that when the potential customer gets to know about your restaurant in the related topics searched on the search engine. Post about the offers and discounts which you’ll be offering. Post videos in which the chef is talking about the specialty of the dishes which will be served in the restaurant and how these dishes are different from the other competing restaurants. Regularly update the website by posting the pictures of the food and the interior of the restaurant. You can even upload the videos of how the food is been prepared which would let to know the customers how the food is prepared and how hygienic it is by seeing an insight of the kitchen. Also upload the feedback forms for the customers to give their reviews which should be followed sincerely. Also upload the pictures of the customers coming and enjoying in the restaurant. You must integrate yourself with online delivery platforms as well.

Offline Marketing

The traditional modes of marketing can never be neglected. The primary target is the local customers and so the offline marketing works here. You can put the hoardings and distribute pamphlets in the entire city, also make an advertisement in the local newspaper. You should participate in the food festivals and indulge into catering for various organizational events.


Humans are visual oriented and thus brand logo plays an important role in the brand recognition. It gives the brand a certain character and a personality which the customer uses to differentiate your restaurant with the others. A good restaurant logo reinforces brand identity. This will in turn increase the brand visibility which will help the customer to know what they are looking for and what products do the restaurant provides. The brand logo also helps in makes a connection with the customers. The brand logo must build a personal and emotional connection so that the customers feel connected with it. Consistency in advertising the logo of the restaurant will help in making the customers familiar with the restaurant.


This is one of the major step to show your online presence. Hire professionals to create the website. The website should be able to grab the attention of people when they open it. It should be functional as well as responsive. The website should contain the pictures of the restaurant, the exact address and a 360 degree picture of the place will be just perfect. It should contain all the details of the restaurant and it should be updated regularly so that people stay tuned about the restaurant.

At Estandardz, we keep the above tips in mind to run a successful quick service restaurant chain. We help in bringing the innovative ideas and implement the same efficiently. It is to the utmost priority of our experts. You can contact us on



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