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Just starting the restaurant does not ensure that you will have an amazing restaurant business. This is for the same reason that 60% of the restaurants shut down in their very first year of opening. Hence you need to have a daily checklist as to manage your restaurant efficiently. This checklist list should be followed sincerely on daily basis. The checklist should include all the operations to be performed when to restaurant opens to when the shutters of your restaurant come down in the end of the day. The checklist keeps your restaurant healthy and profitable. You can even hire restaurant consultants for the same. The restaurant consulting firm provides consultants for almost every field possible in the restaurant business. The popular field involve food consultants, hospitality consultants, f&b consultants, menu consultants, bar consultants, kitchen consultants, beverage consultants and the list is endless.

We have scooped some of the checklists which are mandatory to e made and followed sincerely. Happy Reading!


Manager as the name suggests is directly linked with management. It is important for a manager to be present while the restaurant opens and closes. The manager’s checklist can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Manager’s Opening Checklist

  1. He will be responsible for the cash register and for adding the opening cash.

  2. He should check for any reservations for the day.

  3. Should reply to all the mails received by the restaurant.

  4. Should check the inventory.

  5. Coordinate with the executive chef and also the kitchen consultants.

  6. Coordinate with the bar attender and also the bar consultants.

  7. Project the sales of the present day according to the sales of the previous day.

  8. Check the restrooms personally before opening the restaurant.

  • Shift Change Checklist

  1. The first manager should inform all the necessary information to the second manager after the shift changes. For example, if there are any reservations for the day, particular staff has resigned or have a meeting with the restaurant advisor.

  • Manager’s Closing Checklist

  1. Analyzing the detailed sales of the day, counting tips and allocating them appropriately.

  2. Reach out to kitchen consultants and bar consultants to know about the stock used and available.


There are times when the staff is idle apart from the break hours. In this time they are assigned with some tasks.

  • Front of the Restaurant Checklist

  1. Identify if any table cloth is spoiled and replace the same.

  2. Fold napkins.

  3. Place fresh flowers.

  4. Tables are neatly arranged.

  • Back End Checklist

  1. Refill all stations.

  2. Sharpen knives.

  3. Organize storage rooms and refrigerators.

  4. Inform the appropriate restaurant consultants regarding the same.


For delicious food along with fast delivery, the kitchen should be arranged neatly. Also the kitchen should be hygienic.

  • Kitchen Preparation Work Checklist

  1. The various sauces used in the variety of food should be made well in advance

  2. Vegetables should be cleaned, at times chopped.

  3. Fish or meat should be marinated.

  4. Kitchen consultants are hired to manage the same.

  • Cleaning Checklist

  1. Cleaning every station.

  2. Putting away extra food.

  3. Keeping the knives and the utensils in the right place.


The servers are the face of the restaurant as they are the ones who interact with the customers directly. They should have the following 2 checklists and should follow it sincerely.

  • Servers Opening Checklist

  1. Before opening the restaurant, the servers must have a vigilant eye to make sure that everything is in right place.

  2. Check if the floor is clean.

  3. Table cloths and napkins clean and placed properly.

  4. Menu is placed on each table.

  • Servers Shift Change Checklist

  1. The outgoing server must inform the incoming server about the important happenings he needs to know before starting his shift. For example, if the restaurant is out of any dish, it should be informed in advance so that it does not disappoint the customer after they place their order for that dish.


There are top hotel consulting firms which provide you with the bar consultants. There are a lot of chances of internal theft in the bar and so having a checklist by the bartender is important. The list must include:

  • Total sales.

  • Number of bottles taken out of the stock.

  • If any bottle was broken.

  • Stock available for the next day.


Marketing plays a major role in the publicity of the restaurant. When the people will not know about the place they’ll not be able to know about the food either. Thus marketing plays a major role. One should not relay on the word of mouth and should take serious measures for marketing of the restaurant. You need to have a marketing strategy to let people know you’re there. You can hire consultants for marketing from various hotel consulting firms. There are various restaurant consultants in Delhi and Mumbai which you look up to.

At Estandardz, we keep the above tips in mind manage the restaurant efficiently. We help in bringing the innovative ideas and implement the same efficiently. It is to the utmost priority of our experts. You can contact us on



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