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Booming in the restaurant industry has always been a challenging task. All you need to do is to Google ‘failed restaurateurs’ and you’ll get to know that meeting basic requirements are not enough to become a success story.

Financial Planning is one of the key ingredients involved for the success of the restaurant.

Financial Planning ensures that the money which you are spending to make money is used wisely and in a positive and correct direction. There are multiple times when the restaurants face the issue of poor money management. Making a business plan will help you in finding out where they are overspending the money and help in managing the same. In this way it will help in earning the revenue and making profit. Some of the common problems which lead to poor money management are too many staff, having too many people working at a time, not keeping detailed account balance and spending too much money on food. Thus, a proper business plan will help in solving the above mentioned problems and will help in raising the profits.

You need to follow various steps to ensure the maximum usage of the Financial Planning. We have scooped down for you. They are:


Lack of funding leads to the failure of the business even before it gets started. Money is the bloodline of any business plan and so is the case with restaurant business. The time period when you will require funding depends upon the nature of the business. There are various ways in which you can raise start-up funds. Some of them are:

  • Bootstrapping your startup business plan

  • Get angel investment in your start-up

  • Raise funds through bank loans

Start-up funding is known as ‘Seed Funding’. It is referred to the money required to start a new business. While the plethora of lending options may make it easier than ever to get started, responsible business owners should ask themselves how much financial assistance they really need.


The break even analysis will let you determine what you need to sell monthly or annually to cover the cost for the business.

It is based on the following three assumptions:

  • Average per unit sales

  • Average per unit cost

  • Monthly fixed price


The studies show that the business will undergo loss for the first two years. So, you’ll need the cash reserves invested initially. Once the sales increases you can expand in various locations to spread brand recognition.


A projected cash flow statement is used to evaluate cash inflows and outflows to determine when, how much, and for how long cash deficits or surpluses will exist for a farm business during an upcoming time period. That information can then be used to justify loan requests, determine repayment schedules, and plan for short-term investments.

We at Estandardz, plan venture which is required to see that what will it take to start a venture and will allow the return of investment and how fast you can cover up the investment and can start generating pure shot profit. We will work close with your team to create and formulate the financial plan. For more information you can contact us on



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