• Palak Gupta


Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Getting into restaurant business is tough. Staying is even tougher.

There is a lot of competition among restaurants and so one need to come out with flying colors for the same. Thus, there arises a need for restaurant consultancy. A restaurant consultant will give the perspective regarding the business and format for a particular area, and help you in setting up the restaurant business.

Restaurants Consultants are the people with experience and expertise that they have gained over the years working with different restaurants. This experience helps the consultants to compete with the competitors.

We have listed various ways in which one can compete with their competitors and can become one of the leading restaurants.


The staff is one of the biggest asset in the restaurant business. The restaurant is identified through its service and so if one’s staff service is better than the other then the restaurant will automatically compete with the others in the business. Consultancy helps in hiring and training the staff. There are several categories of personnel that are required in a restaurant business such as managers, cooks, servers, dishwashers, hosts and bartenders. Through this one can compete with their competitors.


Another important thing found out is the design and layout of the menu. Any menu if designed properly can persuade and influence the customers to order more. The menu is the most powerful tool for the marketing of the restaurant and if designed properly can very beneficial in competing with its competitors. The restaurant consultancy firms are appointed to design the menu for them. The consultancy firm reflects the concept and brand of the restaurant. In addition, they keep in mind the budget lines for professional copywriting, production and printing.


Restaurant Financial Planning is another one of the most important components for competing with others in the same business. One can hire the restaurant consulting firm which will analyse the performance of the restaurant on various parameters like Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statement, Cost of Sales and Cost of labour. After assessing the data, the firm evaluates their finances and establish structures with will help to compete them with others.

The Financial Plan for your restaurant will include:

  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Plan

  • Sales Forecast Break-Even Analysis

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Balance Sheet

At Estandardz, while designing and conceptualization, we keep these things in mind, which ensures in competing with the competitors. These are of the utmost priority of our experts. You can contact us on www.estandardz.com.


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