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Restaurant marketing has changed a lot after the social media has popped in. For initial, the online promotion of the restaurant comes first, then the location, menu, staff, and ambience comes into the list. When the people will not know about your restaurant, obviously they’ll not be able to make it to the restaurant as well. In nut shell, all the restaurants, be it old or new, need to be promoted through online campaigns. In order to capture the potential customers hovering online, the restaurant need to be promoted online on a large scale.

We have scooped down some tips which will help you in the promotion of your restaurant online.


This is the first and major step to show your online presence. Hire professionals to create the website. The website should be able to grab the attention of people when they open it. It should be functional as well as responsive. The website should contain the pictures of the restaurant, the exact address and a 360 degree picture of the place will be just perfect. It should contain all the details of the restaurant and it should be updated regularly so that people stay tuned about the restaurant.


Send out press release to local newspaper and magazines to let them know that you are open for business. Get your menu online. These days customers make reservations of the table and book food online, having an online menu will be convenient for both the customer and the restaurant owner.


You should never fix to one kind of marketing. Try different channels to do marketing. A good breakdown to promote marketing is to invest 80% into digital marketing and 20% into traditional form of marketing. In all forms of marketing you perform, refer to the website of your restaurant to achieve promotional benefits completely. Generate a code of your website which will ease the people to open the website by just scanning on the code rather than mechanically typing the IP address of the website.


Try and start with all kinds of social media platform, you’ll get to know on your own that which one is working best for you. Facebook has emerged to be the best when it comes to the marketing of the restaurant on social media. Always post pictures of the restaurant’s interior, picture of food and any additional event going on in your restaurant. You can even put educational posts about culinary topics. You can also run paid campaigns on social media to promote your restaurant.


You must always communicate with your customers. Ask for their reviews and feedback and sincerely work on them. You can do so by utilizing the various digital tools available these days. You must encourage the customers to give reviews, post pictures of the restaurant and share their experience online. You must even upload videos while the chef is preparing food and plating the food. This will give the customer a clear insight about the hygiene of the kitchen as well. This will grab the attention of more and more customers and this is what we all want.

At Estandardz, while promoting the restaurant, keep these things in mind, to create a comprehensive engagement online that will help you to bolster your overall profit. This is of the utmost priority of our experts. You can contact us on www.estandardz.com.

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