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5 Unique Restaurant Trends

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Food service industry has come up with a number of trends, especially food trends. Some trends are totally new and some has added a flavor to the old trends. The challenging consumer behavior and evolution of technology are the primary reason for influencing the restaurant trends.

We have listed 5 unique restaurant trends which have made space in the year 2017.


Food and drinks are not only confined to mere consumption for contentment, but there is also an ever-thriving fascination with food and drinks. Some of the popular food trends that crop up in 2017 are-

  • Whole Foods- While millennials are more inclined towards eating rather than eating in, they are also simultaneously more health conscious. The definition of ‘healthy’ food has now drifted to fresh, raw and whole foods. It has carved a niche for itself and is becoming one of the most popular restaurant trends.

  • Baked Foods- Fried foods are no longer a craze among people. Restaurants are replacing ‘deep fried’ options in menus with ‘stir fried’ to attract the health concerned population. They are including baked items instead of the fried ones, as they are appealing, crispier and delicious.

  • Protein– The love for non-vegetarian food is taking a hike, making a lot of diners fond of protein-rich foods. Hence, protein-rich meals, especially chicken, and sea-foods are some of the most favoured flavours of the year.

  • Barbecue- Barbecues have now drifted inside roofs of restaurants. People favour and love eating the less oily grilled food.


Technology is changing the face of the restaurant industry. With cloud technology entirely automating restaurant management they are no longer the manual labour-centric anymore. The onset of online ordering, table reservation has left little space for manual interference. Technology has also made it possible to curtail the tale turnover and boost sales, which is one of the most sought-after concerns for the restaurant business. Technology has positively revolutionized the way traditional restaurants works and resulted in higher revenues and profit margins for restaurants.


Theme oriented restaurants are the ones where the concept of a restaurant is given topmost preference. Food, service, and location are not to be ignored, but the concept is what is designed to entice the customers the most.Theme based foods have made way for themselves in the recent years. As restaurants aspire towards long-term branding, absorbing a theme has become mundane to engage the audience.


Food festivals have to be one of the outstanding forms of offline marketing. Food festivals are not confined to a particular section of the society but include people of all ages and social classes. This provides an incredible opportunity to market restaurants.


Food Trucks are becoming a rage in the restaurant trends are they are low-investment projects and are out to minimal risk. It is an excellent choice because of its mobility feature. The Food Trucks also promise tasty food at affordable prices. They are more open for experimentation in terms of food.

The restaurant industry has to be constantly rigged with the latest food and dining trends of the diners, as well as the tips and techniques of the restaurant industry to mushroom in this highly vying industry.

At Estandardz, while designing and conceptualization, we keep these trends in mind, as per the requirement of our clients which aids in controlling the impression of the customers. It is of the utmost priority to our experts. You can contact us on



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