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We have generally seen that owners are either confused or don't know that when they need a restaurant consultant and how they can help in the growth. But right time and right choice of a consultant is very must so that you can easily work with someone who can cope up with your thoughts and ideas.

Do you have these issues with your restaurant, food or retail business?

1) Poor walk-ins and clients who purchased once then don't return once more.

2) A bad advertising/offer your business ran that nobody purchases.

3) Spent through many thousands on construction, marketing which you would prefer not to spend once more.

4) Burning through thousands on advertising that did not expand your business SALES.

5) No experienced expert to manage you on what isn't right and what is correct.

Or maybe you are hoping to build your present profits to the following level, and thinking about expansion and scaling.

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning up a business or have officially finalized to a design and brand, so why not havegu a food and beverage restaurant guiding you through step by step process through your restaurant business.

When we began, we at first likewise thought of sparing cash by giving it a shot myself. We ended up losing MORE cash from all the mixed up wrong purchase and the losses incurred from the sales. Don't the story repeats itself.

Food retail marketing may appear to be simple, however it requires not only exertion in the kitchen, but rather a lot effort on promoting your business outside. The best dish that nobody thinks about is useless and zero, and is a major reason a lot number of restaurants shut down even with a excellent menu or culinary expert and Chefs.

Imagine seeing a steady and unsurprising flow of clients regular, and not worrying about whether you can pay the rent. In the event that you need somebody to enable this system and setup SOPs and make everything very aligned so that you need not to worry and for that case Estandardz is the best restaurant consultant for you to make your venture young again.

There are other F&B advisors out there too who generally help with setup/menu arranging, however We are the special case who spends significant time in setup Inside the restaurant with the Food and Beverage advertising and making your restaurant a big brand, with our unique and implemented policies and plans.

What value Estandardz can offer you:

  • To bring you MORE customers through the door

  • Marketing, brand, service audit to find any money leaking holes and pilferages.

  • Restaurant business philosophy for long-term strategy

  • Public relations and blogger review sessions to create exposure

  • Offers and promotion structuring, execution for measurable results

  • Advertising ideas and best mediums to use for best results

  • Developing the concept or making your ideas a reality.

  • Setting up menu and kitchen with the deep analysis of what to sell and what not.

Existing Restaurant makeover

Entrepreneurs who own restaurant think that hiring consultants or auditors can damage or affect their originality. But truth is something else which is going inside your system and pilferages in front of you and you never get to know.

For the owners who have already set up their restaurant,cafe, lounge or bar can engage us to look in from the outside. Consultants provide the alternate view that most business owners miss after being in it too long. You start to create biases and sentimentalism for your work. However the truth is what doesn’t work to bring in money, has to be changed. No matter how much you like it.

You need someone experienced to tell you what exactly needs to be changed, and not your best friend or Aunty who knows nuts about running a food business.

During our audits, We will be observing, interviewing and reviewing your restaurant model, F&B operations and marketing, then produce a business analysis report.

After we diagnose out what is the problem, we will spend another day with you to make our recommendations and highlighting the business aspects that can be improved, and what else you must add to your marketing system or your food operations.

We will also provide new ideas on marketing campaigns and teach you how to execute these advanced tactics which will bring your business profits to the next level.

A famous saying goes like- NEVER SAVE FEW BUCKS TO LOSE A LOT..

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