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Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Getting into restaurant business is tough. Staying is even tougher.

Ofttimes many new restaurants fail within their first few years of establishment. There can be various reasons for the failure which involves bad location, food not tasty, issues with cash flow or poor restaurant management.

There is a solution which can prevent the above issues or can handle them. And the solution is restaurant consulting.

A restaurant consulting firm can be hired by the restaurant either when they start a business or when they face issues in their business. Repairs need to be done for the same.

We have scooped various examples of problems that cause restaurants to fail and ways to handle them.


First impression is always the last impression. A restaurant is remembered by the customer if they spend a good time in it. This simply means that each and every staff needs to be on point at all the times. If the staff is no upto the mark then you may need a restaurant consulting firm which helps in providing the apt candidates for the same. Management is extremely important. Managers play an important role in managing the staff members and in ensuring that they are on their toes on-duty. A food and beverage consulting firm will help with the training of the new employees who will be well aware of the expected standards and will make sure that they fit in. Thus consultants help in ensuring excellent restaurant service.


You need to make sure that the money which you are spending to make money is used wisely and in a positive and correct direction. There are multiple times when the restaurants face the issue of poor money management. Consultants help the restaurants in finding out where they are overspending the money and help in managing the same. Some of the common problems which lead to poor money management are too many staff, having too many people working at a time, not keeping detailed account balance and spending too much money on food. Thus, consultants help in keeping costs low.


There may be chances when people do not know about the existence of the restaurant at all. Being in a good location is typically the most important decision to make while starting the restaurant. Struggling businesses will not be able to pick up and drop of a hat. It is important for the same reason that we need to draw attention of the customers towards the restaurant. Restaurants hire consultants to do advertisements of the restaurants in a smart way to attract customers. Thus, consultants help in getting the word out.


Accounting can be a major cause of concern. It shows lack of organization which leads to higher issues. Food and beverages consulting firms help in keeping the track of the food and supply inventory. It also helps in keeping the kitchen equipment up to date and well in stock. The consultants help in maintaining the cash flow and helps in organizing and keeping the inventory efficient. A consultant can help you work up a timetable for the employees to clean the kitchen and equipment thoroughly during the week. Thus, consultants help in staying organized and up-to date.

At Estandardz, while designing and conceptualization, we keep these things in mind, so that we know when to hire a restaurant consulting firm. It is of the utmost priority to our experts. You can contact us on



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